All you can eat sushi with meat & all you can eat hood 70 items All you can drink 120 minutes 1980 yen ♪

All you can eat sushi with meat & all you can eat hood 70 items All you can drink 120 minutes 1980 yen ♪

1980 yen

Please enjoy the sushi of meat such as roast beef, toro roast beef, duck or chicken ham ♪ With the introduction of 20 new items menu, 70 food items in the food menu


All you can eat sushi with roast beef, homemade chicken ham, smoked beef and duck smoked ♪

Party ♪ happy party with sushi you can not taste at other stores

All-you-can-eat table orders Food menu

◆ salad

Caesar salad / Italian salad with basil and cheese / Lotus root with burdock salad

Steamed chicken spicy spicy Maya salada / Shirasu plum salad / Chicken meal salad salad

◆ pasta

Plenty of vegetables Peperoncino / Shirasu and Wasabi peperoncino / In the best condition Napolitan

Colorful Arabiata / Japanese vegetables and bacon tomato sauce pasta / Tomato sauce of chicken and vegetables Pasta

Pork Japanese style sauce pasta / Japanese style cream pasta

◆ pizza

Best margarita / tunacone pizza / teriyaki chicken pizza / 2 kinds of cheese and basil sauce pizza

◆ meat

Grilled chicken thigh one / pork steak / occasionally chicken cutlet / hormone grill / classic ginger grill

◆ meals

Best bibimbap / Chinese and fried rice fried / mushroom Japanese style risotto / Spicy risotto

Lots of vegetable tomato risotto / Easy egg cooked rice / cheese risotto / rice just fine

◆ appetizers

Japanese style marinade of tofu / salt cabbage / caponata

Homemade Kimchi / pickled with cabbage lemon flavor

Basil marinated steamed chicken and vegetables

◆ la carte

Mushroom and sausage gratin / meat sauce gratin / vegetable cheese steamed

French fries / regular raisins / potatos and bacon gratin

Best mahbo tofu / Hoycorrow /

Stir-fried chicken and vegetables with chilli sauce / Stir-fry Chinese-style vegetables

◆ dessert

Rare cheese cake / tiramisu / chocolate mousse / vanilla ice

Caramel rare cheese / Gateau Chocolat / custard pudding / Katarana